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SHALACH is the fellowship ministry, business, and entrepreneurial network alliance of “Sent Ones,” founded by Apostle Anya M. Hall and TeKton Ministries Int’l, Inc.


The goal and mission of SHALACH are based on Genesis 45:7 KJV

“And God sent me before you to preserve you a posterity in the earth, and to save your lives by a great deliverance.”

Another Rendition of Genesis 45:7

“GOD sent me ahead of you to ensure that you and your descendants have a future, and to establish a means of rescue, extrication, and protection that will save your lives.”




The mission of SHALACH is to get as many Kingdom Marketplace Ministers and Entrepreneurs into positions, places, and spaces in the world’s systems, and industries where they can access and apply the knowledge, skills, intel, goods, products, and services needed to properly prepare for and assist others in adapting to, overcoming, and prospering during times of change, challenge, and crisis while doing the greatest good possible through the continual demonstration of GOD'S love, character, and ability.



Those members of SHALACH will actively engage in educating themselves through various means, i.e., workshops, seminars, classes, courses etc., in the area they feel called to serve.  They will network with others in their fields and inquire as to future growth and endeavors. They will do good to all and build healthy mutually beneficial relationships in all sectors. They will assertively pursue advancements in technology, artificial intelligence, finance, agriculture, medicine, housing, transportation, space travel and any and all things pertinent to preserving, enhancing, and advancing life.


SHALACH helps people cultivate their GOD given call, gifting, and ideas while assisting them in mastering and maximizing their uniqueness for strategic providential placement.

SHALACH also serves as a network where "iron-sharpens-iron" and like-minded and other-minded people meet and network for inspiration, support, encouragement, and fellowship.

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