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"Building People for Kingdom Purpose!"

"Using the gift that God gave me, I did the work of an expert builder and laid the foundation . . ." 
1 Corinthians 3:10a GNB

About Tekton Ministries Int'l

Tekton Ministries Int’l is a service ministry, founded in 2003 by Dr. Anya M. Hall, whose purpose is to educate, train, raise up and send forth strong leaders that will function effectively and efficiently in every sphere of society in order to do the most good possible by making a positive impact in their area of influence.

As a repairer of the breach and restorer of waste places, Tekton Ministries helps people recapture their hopes, dreams, and potential by speaking positively into their lives, confronting destructive patterns of thinking and behavior, offering alternatives and recommending possible solutions based on biblical principles and truths.

Tekton Ministries is also dedicated to strengthening the infrastructure, leadership and laity of existing ministries in order to help them fulfill their ministry purpose with excellence through biblical principles while remaining relevant to the time in which they live.

TeKton Ministries also acts as an agent of encouragement, inspiration, and change by motivating, coaching, mentoring, and giving practical and spiritual advice to individuals and groups alike.

The name “TeKton” is derived from the Greek word Architekten which means – chief constructor or architect. TeKton is committed to “Building People for Kingdom Purpose” by helping them discover their untapped potential as well as guiding them in identifying their purpose and their gifts and assisting them in learning how to operate effectively in them.

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About the Founder and Senior Apostle

Dr. Anya Miller Hall is a native of Ocala, Florida where she was raised by loving parents that were both educators.  She was raised in a Christian home that made education, life skills, social skills, and excellence its’ focus.   These childhood lessons are still an intrinsic part of Dr. Anya’s life to this day.


Hence, Dr. Anya loves adding value to others by helping them discover and flourish in their unique brilliance while finding and fulfilling their life’s purpose. She believes everyone has something of worth to offer and enjoys helping others grow, develop and mature in character, gifting and ability.

 Through teaching, training, equipping and sagacious advice, Dr. Anya imparts confidence through the use of warmth and interpersonal soft skills in order to see others realize their destiny and soar.

She is an ordained Pastor and Apostle in the LORD’s church and was consecrated as Bishop in the year 2010 through Kingdom Faith International Network of Ministries, The College of Bishops.  Dr. Anya Miller Hall is also a graduate of the Anderson Studio of Music, Vanguard High School, Central Florida Community College, and The Jacksonville Theological Seminary.  As such she is the holder of a Diploma and Certificate of Completion, a High School Diploma, an Associates of Arts Degree, a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Theology, a Masters of Ministry in Christian Counseling and an honorary Doctorate of Divinity from St. Thomas Christian College. 

Dr. Anya is also a graduate of The Institute of Motivational Living / People Keys and as such holds certification as a Behavioral Analyst and Business Behavioral Consultant.

Dr. Anya is an entrepreneur and the Founder and CEO of Tekton Ministries Int’l, a ministry commissioned to teach, train, raise up and send forth strong leaders into the church, the Kingdom of God and the world at large.  She is the covering Apostle for SHALACH, a kingdom fellowship of marketplace ministers, entrepreneurs, and five-fold ministry gifts.



Dr. Anya is the author of over forty self - published books; a psalmist, lyricist and innovator who travels extensively to places such as  in the Continental United States, Canada, Africa, and the Caribbean to minister, teach, train, inspire, empower and motivate others.  She is most definitely an asset and blessing to all that encounter and experience the ministry in her life.

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